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Cafes are basically "in" these days. Most of us enjoyed the company of books, digital phones, and coffee. Meesh Cafe is the first ever coffee shop that caught my eye here in Doha. Aside from their Instagramable and Bloggable place, they also offer scrumptious menu. I regularly visit Meesh Cafe twice a month. Me and my Church-mates usually spend our bonding time at the Cafe, but mostly, ME-time. I used to be a coffee junkie but lately I changed my lifestyle by choosing a cup of tea or a jar of fresh smoothie rather than coffee. Banana Milkshake is my staple drink. I pair it with Caesar Salad or their BOMB New York Cheesecake.

So, last 22 of November, I was invited together with my co-bloggers to try their new menu. The ambiance is extremely cool and relaxing. They have a good lighting that is perfect for a selfie or flat lays. You can also spend most of the time of your day feeling comfortable there. I mostly chill and wait there for my Dad whenever I have an early out from …


I started formal blogging a year ago. I just post whatever came across my mind, what I love to do, and updates about my life. I called it my E-diary. Before, blogging for me was just posting and sharing your thoughts on your own blog, in your own ways. That was me being vain.
Last 12th of November 2016, Zomato hosted the first ever Blogger Conference here in Doha, held at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Fortunately, I received the confirmation from them as one of the participants of the said event. When I first saw their event poster, I thought all I have to do is RSVP and I'm all good, but I was grateful enough for them to confirm me and maybe, they checked my blog. I just came here in Doha for work a year ago (that made me as a newbie in blogging industry here) I pursued my passion for Make Up, vlogging & blogging and it's an honor for me to join this kind of event. Not just an ordinary event but for all of the Influencers and Bloggers of Doha.  

What is #ZomatoCon without these scr…