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Last 18 September 2017, I'm one of the bloggers who was invited to celebrate the relaunch of re-imagined Spa, Rooms and Club Lounge of The Ritz-Carlton Doha. We were greeted by Mr. Cristobal Galit Jr., Marketing Communications Manager, and welcomed with drinks at the hotel's lobby.
We passed by their indoor pool on our way to the Spa area for the tour.

They have this modern-inspired interiors going to their spa rooms and relaxing area which gives you a peaceful mind.
The photo above shows the exclusive lounge for ladies. You can have a coffee and snacks there.

The Ritz-Carlton Doha, offers the city's most modern and innovative luxury spa experience. They also uses local farmer's pearls as a spa treatment.

They also have a complete vanity area for the ladies to get ready after the spa sessions.
ROOMS I can't tell much about the differences of the previous room to the renovated ones. All I can say is, the decors and style is modernized. Their couches and bathroom…


I'm typing this right now not knowing what to write next. Maybe I should share to you about my life lately. If you'd care to know. This is not about the clothes that I wear, the look I'm serving or a hotel review. This is about me and you, reconnecting.

Before I start my story, I just want to know more about you, my dear reader. How are you? What keeps you motivated lately? Message me or comment down below. Let's talk about it. I'd love to know.

Should I start my story from a year ago? If you're a reader of this blog since my first post, you'd probably know about my likes, pain and hopeless romantic thoughts. I'm a dreamer and a believer. I make unrealistic stories in my mind and believing that one day it will happen.

If you're a new reader, Hello, you're most welcome here. I'm Danica Daryl D. Caduco. My family calls me Nikka, and Danica when they're angry. (I want to laugh here but how? Okay. Hahaha) My closest friends call me Nica, Da…


Chill. Unwind. De-stress. Things we need to do after a long stressful week at work. Fortunately, I won the Survivor Kit which includes two Shangri-La, Doha vouchers during the Qatar Social event hosted by iloveQatar.
Last 3 September 2017, I booked my first voucher which is the Deluxe Room and upgraded it to Shangri-La's Horizon Club Deluxe Room + 60 mins. Chi Balance Massage + access to Horizon Club Lounge for two and I just added some charges for my two other guests. (I saved the other voucher for next month's family stay-cation, stay tuned for my next blog post.) 

check-in (2:00 PM)

We're supposed to have an early check-in but because the plans didn't go accordingly, we came at around 2:00 PM already. The lobby is a bit crowded that time because it's still on Eid Holiday break. Everyone's busy checking in and out. Good thing, we met Fragile, the accommodating and friendly staff of Horizon Club. Her name is interesting, right? The universe is really doing its…