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It's not as easy as letting go of eating an ice cream because you're on a diet. Giving up a fifty percent off shopping spree because you need to pay for your tuition fee; or holding back a night of party to study for your prelim exam in Accountancy. These things are easy to let go because you already know the reasons why you have to; but letting go the love you think you deserve takes a lot of time.

I know that it's difficult to think right when you're emotionally damaged. Emotionally stabbed. You don't need to rush things in order for you to say that you're healed. You don't need to act like you're fine when you know that you're still not. You don't need to seek for the answers right away; it will come. What a cliche. But yes, it takes time. A lot of it, to be exact. 

Let go of that day, when you finally said "yes", when you gave him the chance to make you happy and make you cry at the same time because you can never have…


Wednesday Addams My first Halloween look is just simple and easy to slay. Dark brows. Sleek eyes. Black lips. Braids. Wear a white collared black dress but if you don't have it you can still slay your look with a DIY using a white collared top and black long sleeved dress. 

Artsy Skull  Shout out to my brother for doing a grate job on this work of art. With this look, you can wear any casual outfits.

Wild Cat Cat eye. Cat features. Red lipstick with black outline. With this look, you can wear all black and a cat ears as your accessories. 

Basic Witch Put on your wing eyeliner and dark brows. What's a witch without a black lips? Nah. If you don't have a black lipstick, you can DIY using a red lipstick then put a black eye shadow on top of it and blend in with a silver eye shadow. Slay it witch.

I didn't receive candies for tonight but thanks to my parents for bringing home cheeseburger for me. I enjoyed doing these make-up and looks even though I don't have any Hallowe…