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It was that one-summer-love that merely happened on Winter. She met a "summer guy" on a cold breeze of a solitary night; they uttered their first hellos in a long time. 
The last time I wrote a blog about love and heartbreak, it was the latter. I guess poets tend to write their hearts out when they're in blues. 
She was drowning in too much happiness that she forgot to jot down every butterfly she felt. Now guess what's up? She was hurt.Again. It felt like a first heartbreak; maturely, disappointment. 
It was that one-summer-love that merely happened on a winter. She met a "summer guy" on a cold breeze of a solitary night; they uttered their first hellos in a long time. Remember the article The Love We Think We Deserve? That was written and felt a year ago. She strongly moved on from that; guarded her heart with bricks of an indestructible wall but still managed to care and to show love. -- Until then she knew she was ready to love again, but little did she…


Sleepless nights. Stressful days. Name it. After all, self-love is the best remedy.  Every woman in this world deserves to be loved. If you can't have any then why not give it to yourself? It's not just about eating a pint of ice cream just because you need it or buying yourself some flowers just because you love it. It's also about getting yourself pampered just because. 
Now, here's a little "pamper day" blog post in collaboration with my good friend Lennie at Ganda Beauty Salon. Let the photos speak to you.

THE AMBIENCE  The place is a Vintage chic style with a twist of relaxing European ambience. They have floral and pastel wall papers and daylight-like lighting which is perfect for taking selfies. Also, they have a relaxing sofa lounge for guests to wait and chill.

THE PRODUCTS Ganda Beauty Salon is using L'oreal, Paul Mitchell and Nashi Products for the hair treatments. They offered Pro-Keratin Refill Treatment for my hair. The hair stylist, Ms. Sa…


Aside from social media, where else do you express some self love? Mirror. Huge mirrors.

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life especially of today's generation called "Millennials". When you wake up, the first thing you do is basically to check your Instagram account and update your Snapchat stories. Checking DM's and PM's. Heck yes. Take flat lay photos of things you just bought. Take a hundred random shots of selfies and uploading just one perfect photo on Facebook. Filming makeup videos for your avid viewers makes you happy. Taking photos of the food and coffee you have for breakfast and ended up eating it cold. Taking #ootd photos of your outfit and looking cute. Tweeting rants about how you hate the guy who made your hopes up for love. Retweeting hundreds of "hugot" tweets in a day. And apparently, some people call you VAIN.

I am guilty. I am one of those girls who would post stuff aesthetically on social medias. But here's the …