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You can be whatever you want to be, they say. I just want to be the better version of me. 
Hello my amazing readers! I just want to share to you my first ever studio photo shoot. I was given the opportunity to be one of Evolve Agency Qatar model. I grabbed it, and slaaaay! Here are some of photos that was taken and produced by the amazing photographer, Mr. Leo C. Bautista.

The above photos basically shows all my love for fashion and makeup. We incorporated some hints of me being a makeup junkie. I did my own makeup and styled my outfit for the shoot. Of course, my parents were there to support me. (actually, my Mom was the one holding the makeup brushes on one of my photos). Below, are some of the outtakes, behind the scenes and random snapshots.

OUTTAKES Nude Pink Top and Nude Pink Chunky Heels from Bershka High-slit Top from Bershka

F&J BEAUTY BOUTIQUE HAUL (Sleek MakeUp, BH Cosmetics and ColourPop)

Items from F&J Beauty Boutique 
Online shopping is my cardio! I love to buy stuff online because every time I receive the package it feels like I'm accepting a gift... from me. Kidding aside! So, I really badly wanna try some products like Sleek MakeUp and BH Cosmetics but sadly we don't have them in store here in Doha, Qatar. Fortunately, I found F&J Beauty Boutique on Facebook and placed a bunch of order from them. They're selling authentic skincare and makeup goodies. I also had an easy transaction with them and on time delivery. Would definitely order for more. Here are my own reviews and details on every product that I bought:

Sleek Makeup Cream Contour Kit (Medium)
I bought this for 120 QAR and it has a great quality. Easy to blend and it suits my skin tone. I recommend this product to those who have an oily and combination skin. So, if you have a super dry skin, I think this won't work for you unless you add an oil when blending. Over all review: 8/10