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Items from F&J Beauty Boutique 

Online shopping is my cardio! I love to buy stuff online because every time I receive the package it feels like I'm accepting a gift... from me. Kidding aside! So, I really badly wanna try some products like Sleek MakeUp and BH Cosmetics but sadly we don't have them in store here in Doha, Qatar. Fortunately, I found F&J Beauty Boutique on Facebook and placed a bunch of order from them. They're selling authentic skincare and makeup goodies. I also had an easy transaction with them and on time delivery. Would definitely order for more. Here are my own reviews and details on every product that I bought:

Sleek Makeup Cream Contour Kit (Medium)

I bought this for 120 QAR and it has a great quality. Easy to blend and it suits my skin tone. I recommend this product to those who have an oily and combination skin. So, if you have a super dry skin, I think this won't work for you unless you add an oil when blending. Over all review: 8/10

Sleek MakeUp "Solstice" Highlighting Palette

This highlight is super extra for just 120 QAR. Plus the packaging is sleek and elegant. I really love the shades and the pigmentation of this product. When you wear this highlighter it looks like you're a living disco ball. High quality and super easy to work with. My favorite shades in this palette are Equinox and Subsolar.  Over all review: 10/10
Beauty Tip: Spritz an amount of setting spray on your skin then apply the highlighter for a natural looking glow

Sleek MakeUp and BH Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

I got two shades of matte lip creams from Sleek Makeup in shades Vino Tinto and Shabby Chic for 60 QAR each. The packaging is a glass material and plastic black cap. The little down fall is the applicator, I find it hard for the application. The quality is great and long lasting + non-transferable. In BH Cosmetics, I got the Muse for 60 QAR also. It's a bit ashy pink with a bit of purple shade (gahhd I'm so bad in describing shades. lol). I don't really like the shade because it makes my teeth look yellow-ish. Anyways, great quality and long lasting as well. Over all review: 8/10
Beauty Tip: moisturize your lips with a lip balm and apply an amount of Vaseline on your teeth to prevent from lipstick stains 

BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2 Brush Set

This brushes are supposed to be in white tips but I used them already before I took this photo. I got this set for 155 QAR. The packaging is classy in gold yet edgy in black handles. The bristles are so soft and is easy to work with in blending. The only downfall here is that the synthetic brush hair were not fully attached. Actually, the flat top brush were ruined while cleaning it. Over all review: 6/10
Beauty Tip: Wash your brushes 2-3 times a week to prevent pimples and skin allergies 

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

Shimmers and out of this world colors. The packaging is quite okay because it's a hard bound material and it has a mirror which is travel friendly but I just don't like the color (don't get me wrong, I'm just really a minimalist). The shades are so amazing and you can do a lot of looks out of this baked eye shadow palette. The pigmentation is a plus and so easy to blend. Over all review: 9/10
Beauty Tip: Spritz a little amount of setting spray on your eye shadow brush then pack some eye shadow on your lid for more pigmentation and shimmer

Colour Pop Ultra Matte and Satin Lipstick

F&J Beauty Boutique also sells ColourPop, Kylie Cosmetics, Milani CosmeticsEtude HouseL.A Girl, Maybelline and other drugstore and high-end products. They order it from their respective websites and resell it here in Doha. From ColourPop, I got three lippies. Two Ultra Mattes in shades "Beeper" & "Limbo" and one Ultra Satin in shade "Echo Park". This product is one of my holy grails. The packaging is so pretty. It's light weight and long lasting. These are the lippies that I'm using on my clients especially for photo shoots because it really looks great and natural in photos. Over all review: 10/10     
Beauty Tip: Always, always moisturize your lips before applying any matte lipsticks.

All the products mentioned are from F&J Beauty Boutique. A Doha, Qatar based online shop for drugstore and high-end Skincare and Cosmetics.

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Now, It's your time to share about the makeup products that you hoard lately. Leave them in the comment section below. Lovelove ♥

[Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored. All the reviews are my own and in all honesty shared to you.]


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