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IT IS A LOVE STORY — Thoughts on 'Sid and Aya: Not A Love Story'.

"I love you." — Aya
"Hindi naman lahat ng may 'I love you' love story na eh." — Sid

Irene Villamor's 'Sid & Aya: Not A Love Story', releasedunder Viva Entertainmentis about two 
different people who met unexpectedly. Starring the two huge names in the industry, Dingdong 
Dantes (Sid) and Anne Curtis (Aya). Sid is an imperfect man who works as a stock broker. He also 
hired Aya, a waitress with multiple part-time jobs, as his sleepless nights companion. I don't wanna 
spoil anything, but this is not your typical romantic story. There's no commitment involved, just them 
spending time together. Is Sid and Aya really not a love story?

They didn't start nor end as a couple but love is not just about commitments, right? It's about the
feelings you've invested to someone, unexpectedly. As what Sid has said, "A black swan is an event 
that is impossible to predict, but has major consequences for us all.." In his case, Aya …