Chill. Unwind. De-stress. Things we need to do after a long stressful week at work. Fortunately, I won the Survivor Kit which includes two Shangri-La, Doha vouchers during the Qatar Social event hosted by iloveQatar.

Last 3 September 2017, I booked my first voucher which is the Deluxe Room and upgraded it to Shangri-La's Horizon Club Deluxe Room + 60 mins. Chi Balance Massage + access to Horizon Club Lounge for two and I just added some charges for my two other guests. (I saved the other voucher for next month's family stay-cation, stay tuned for my next blog post.) 


(2:00 PM)

Photo by Shangri-La.com

We're supposed to have an early check-in but because the plans didn't go accordingly, we came at around 2:00 PM already. The lobby is a bit crowded that time because it's still on Eid Holiday break. Everyone's busy checking in and out. Good thing, we met Fragile, the accommodating and friendly staff of Horizon Club. Her name is interesting, right? The universe is really doing its job for us to experience an extra amazing stay-cation and that's when Fragile introduced us to their Horizon Club privileges. And yes, we upgraded our Deluxe Room to the Horizon Club. In that case, we're given an option of late check-out until 3:00 PM. She's also kind enough to book us in a room with majestic views of Doha's West Bay district and the Arabian Gulf. 

visual room tour

The first part that you'll get to see when you enter the room is the minimalist bathroom/toilet with porcelain deep-soaking tub and large walk-in shower. It also has a refreshing premium toiletries by L'Occitane

The Deluxe Room also consists of a closet with flat iron, iron board, complimentary slippers, robe, and safety box. These were really useful especially during our preparation for our Family evening cocktails. Then there's a desk for business purposes but in my case, I used it as my editing cave for the mean time. 

It's pleasant to see how organized and clean this corner is.   

The mini snack bar that every hotel guests had but in our case, we never touched. Haha! I mean, it honestly tempts me to grab that RedBull and sodas but it triples the price. Besides, your girl is on a diet. 

My apologies to all OC's out there; I just noticed that I forgot to turn on the other bedside lamp. 

Can you imagine how cozy this bed is? It's beyond cozy. 

This signature bed of Shangri-La utilizes patented body contouring technology. Oh! So it's where the heaven comfort came from. The pillows are soft and cuddly that I decided not to swim and just lay in this beautiful bed before we checked-out. I had a real good sleep though. 

the West Bay view

I'm glad that my parents are so game when I ask them to pose for a shot ♥

- sunset, blue skies and building sights -
the view looks like in the 80's movies

chill time

(4:00 PM)
fancy welcome tea.

CHI, The Spa, is the only luxury Asian-themed spa in Doha. It offers four signature massages that have been developed to completely relax the mind and revitalize the body.   

I booked the massage session a day before and their staff accommodated us so well. I suggest you to do the same so that you could choose the time and type of room as desired.

I shared the massage privilege to my parents for them to experience the luxury of 60 mins. CHI balance massage; they needed it the most after a tiring week at work. 

It's great that their massages are not just to relax your body and mind but health wise too. Then my parents were given an information sheet for them to jot down their health and body issues for the therapist to be aware and extra careful in doing the massage. 

Before they start the actual massage, they were given 3-5 mins. of getting ready and to steam bath for a bit for an extra relaxation and to open up their pores.

Then the therapist accompanied them to the foot massage area to wash and scrub their feet. The room is huge by the way. 

There's a luxurious deep-soaking tub and a couple bed too (see photos below).

I took this photo to show the beauty of the Spa's lighting and they offer these products as well.

This massage is gentle, yet penetrating palm-pressure focuses on providing vitality, clarity and peace of mind. It is the best treatment for jet lag and insomnia. 

sunset viewing by the Helipad

(5:30 PM)

- preppin' up for the Helipad and cocktails night -

I had a conversation with Ms. Yanina Aguilera, F&B Communications & Marketing Executive of  Shangri-La Doha, through emails regarding my hotel bookings and she suggested me to visit and access their Helipad (it's located in 45th level, I believe). I'm beyond grateful that she gave me the privilege to take some shots and enjoy the panoramic skyline of Doha. She even requested their security to open the lift and accompanied us to the Helipad. She also took some of our outfit photos. She's nice! 

Thanks Yanina! ♥

- captured at 5:55 PM -

- captured at 6:10 PM -

My parents fell asleep after their relaxing massage session so my cousin, Sarah, joined me in my Helipad experience. Look how beautiful that skyline is + the towers and night lights. I'm scared of heights but at that time, the joy in my heart was overflowing. It's beautiful; majestic! 

Tassel earrings: iamme | Floral dress: Oasis | Purse: Michael Kors | Shoes: Shoe Mart

Don't ask me why I'm wearing heels here! I suggest you to wear something comfy when you'll get the chance to visit here one day. I wore this outfit because we will be heading straight to Horizon lounge for evening cocktails and canapés. 

p.s the photo quality here are not that good because my camera died the moment I stepped on helipad, so I used my iPhone camera instead.

evening cocktails & canapés 

(7:00 PM)

We're supposed to dine at Sridan but since we already upgraded to Horizon Club, we just went to their private lounge and tryout their canapés. It's not a heavy kind of dinner like the buffet; it's more likely pica-pica. I didn't get the chance to take photos of the food because we came late and the lounge is crowded and hella busy that night. The food was great but the highlight of the night were their spirits and wines.

  •  an additional of 200 QAR for two in our Horizon Club upgrade including the canapés with liquor, breakfast buffet and private lounge access.
  • an additional of 65 QAR for each guests including canapés only and we just paid separately for whatever drinks they ordered.

 My favorite wine was the Rosé D'Anjou and I drank six glasses of it as far as I could remember. It's a little sweet and bitter but not that strong in taste. It's smells like rose as well. I'm craving for it right now while typing this. Haha 

ㅡ Below are some snapshots ㅡ

twinning in florals 

let's take a moment to appreciate their lighting

n e x t    d a y 

I woke up at around 6 AM without feeling my usual back-pain. Yes, that's how comfy this bed is. Also, I'm not a morning person but I woke up that early to take some photos, get ready, head over to breakfast and to enjoy the rest of the day. 
I want to sleep moreeeeee.

By far, this fancy yellow couch is my favorite. Just de-stressing while drinking my morning water and unhealthy chips, balanced diet they say. Kidding aside, I'm loving the vibes here. Wish my every mornings are as relaxing as this. 

My Mom looks beautiful in the morning (everyday). ♥

breakfast at Horizon Club Lounge

(7:00 AM)

My Mom and I went to the lounge as early as we could to eat breakfast because we were expecting a crowded place again. Fortunately, we're the first ones there. The staff were friendly and their service was excellent for me. You can order hot beverages and different kinds off egg recipes that are not included in their buffet.

Eggs Benedict was suggested to us by one of their staffs (I'm bad at remembering names, sorry). It was so good. Also, have a lot of egg recipes in their menu from boiled to scrambled. 

This girl right here was the one who took good care of our breakfast experience and I forgot to ask her name.

That waffle and Turkey ham were the best!


The staff gave us the table with the best view of West Bay district. 

last hurrah

(9:00 AM to check-out)

Unwind by the poolside after that scrumptious breakfast. Mom and I decided to have a little photo shoot while there's still a few people in the place. They have a lot of instagrammable and refreshing greens around the area too. 

they serve hot and cold drinks by the pool bar -

I visited their health club as well but I didn't have the time to use it

My Momma slays it!

— be grateful for every little inch of your skin; appreciate every part of your curves;
 embrace the beauty of your flaws and reconnect with your soul.

Lastly, I want to thank the iloveQatar team for the GC's, Shangri-La Doha team for being so passionate in giving service and accommodating us. Especially to Ms. Madelyn, Mr. Carlo and Ms. Yanina for answering my never ending queries regarding my bookings through emails and for giving me a call for a better conversation. Also, thank you to Ms. Fragile (reception area) for being so friendly and for suggesting options for us to have a great weekend stay-cation. See you guys on our next month's Stay-cation! ♥

ㅡ The Stay-cation is not sponsored by Shangri-La, Doha nor iloveQatar. I won the GC during the Qatar Social event. All reviews are my own thoughts based on my experience while staying in the hotel ㅡ


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Location: Conference Centre Street, West Bay, Doha, Qatar

 Thank you so much for dropping by.


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