To My Future Boyfriend, Don't Hurry Love

I'm hopeless romantic. Craving for the love that I deserve, but dealing with reality and that's what should matter.

You may be searching for me right now or waiting for me to come. Dreaming a future with me or healing your heart from your hurtful past. Or maybe you're just chilling in a coffee shop and sipping your cup of coffee while listening to a soulful music. I can imagine. I have no idea if who or where you are right now, how we will meet or how we will start our book of love. The only thing that I am sure about; we will find our way to each others life. But before we match our hearts, here are some things that I want you to know:

I am not broken. 

Maybe I was, for a time. I was betrayed. Pained. Took for granted. I cried. A lot. But I want you to know that I am healed. I chose to love, than hate. I learned to love my self more and  rooted my happiness within me. I know my worth and what I truly deserve.

I am not bitter.

Yes, I was hurt but it doesn't mean that I will see things differently. I am still sweet. As always. I assure you that you won't feel any bitterness for the past. I will not hold regrets in my hand nor carry anger like a rock on my backpack.  Not anymore. 

Be excited for this; but first, heal your self.

I know that you've been hurt too. So before you could find me, please heal your self. Be ready to love again. To take risk. To give your damn all. To sacrifice. And to be hurt again. Because I am ready for everything. I am ready for your love. For the pain that you may cause me. For the grudges that you may bring. I am ready to take the risk and to be hurt again because that's love. As long as you're the right person in the right time, it will be all worth it.

Please be aware: I AM NOT PERFECT!

I have a lot of flaws. I'm stubborn. I stand for my principles and what I think is right. I get jealous so easily, it's only because I love you. I'm crazy. Sometimes. And a lot more of imperfections that you may find out when we cross paths. But hey! I'm sweet and when I love, it's genuine.

I can wait for the right time; and for you.

Hey! Don't rush! Love is not a car race nor have a time limit. Love is most deserved when you take it sure and slow. I will wait for you. Don't worry. God has a lot of plans for us. He's the only one who holds our time. So don't rush!

But you're my future; my now and always.

I was thinking, what do you look like? Brown eyes? Tall? Short? Dark? Fair-skinned? Handsome? Nahh! I fall in love with souls. As long as you're true and that you will love me and all the people that I love, you're a blessing from God. The first time that we will talk, surely we will click. I guess we both love good soulful music. We both love food. We will travel the world. Adventures. For sure we both have strong goals and by the time that we meet, hopefully, we turned them into reality.

I am no longer the person from the past. I am stronger now. I am not broken. I am healed and ready to be loved and be hurt again. Trust this.

Let's both enjoy our current lives at the present. Let's do everything that will make us happy. Everything has a perfect timing. Only God knows. Someday. One day, we will finally meet.


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