So a bunch of thoughts are poppin' on my mind right now and I need to unleash these before it burst. Having a broken heart is like losing your smart phone. Of course, in today's generation mostly we can't live a day without our smart phones. Including my self haha. We do
everything with it. Call. Text. Set alarms. Calculate. Blog. Take selfies. Play Music. ALMOST EVERYTHING. When you lose that smart phone for sure you'll get crazy and feel all the emotions in Earth. You can't sleep at night wonderin' where to find it or if you could at least have it back. You'll need money to buy another smart phone. You can't have that huge amount of money in just one snap.Right? You have to work hard in order to save money for you to buy a new one. It goes the same with a broken heart. You'll need time and effort in order to save your self. You'll need to invest in your self again in able for you to win back everything you lost. And it's your self, darling. You have lost nothing but your self from that broken heart. Here are some healthy steps to mend a broken heart:
  1. Ask your self. "Is he worth it?" "Do I deserve this?". If your answer is NO, proceed to #2. If YES, close this article and slap your face three times.
  2. Cry. Go on, crying will hurt you less. But when your done, make sure you won't cry again.
  3. Throw all the stuffs he gave you. Never ever ask him/her to get them back because for sure you'll just give him a chance to hurt you again.
  4. Delete your photos together. Why would you still keep them when he can't keep you? But leave at least one photo.
  5. Don't stalk. Block him/her in all your social media accounts. Don't ask his/her friends about them. Always remember that they're the ones who walk out of your life.
  6. Have a lil "me time". Go shopping. Chill at a coffee shop and read a good book. Stay in your bed and watch a movie for a day. Note: don't watch a love story or a sad movie, instead go for a comedy or horror films.
  7. Communicate. Talk to God, he will never forsake you. Talk to your family, they will understand you. Talk to your friends, they will listen and will slap you hard after (just kidding) they will surely hug you tight.
  8. Go out. By that means, enjoy your life honey. Take an adventure. Go for a family outing. Have a fun night out with friends. Socialize. Life is too short to waste your time for a fckboy.
  9. Eat. Eat everything you want but moderately. Don't stress eat. Eat because you're happy.
  10. Sleep. Who doesn't love sleep? Don't overthink. Take a rest and have a good sleep.
  11. Work out. Go for a morning jog. Take a walk in a park. Have a work out routines every morning and before you go to bed at night.
  12. Keep your self busy. Don't you ever think about him/her even just for a single moment. Do good in school. Do your household chores. Draw. Paint. Make DIY's. Cook. Play with your pets.
  13. Make your self better. Curl your hair. Wear something pretty. Make plans. Have a career.
  14. Take good care of your baby heart. Think wise. Always make your heart and mind a good team.
  15. Pray. Surrender everything to God. He always gives the best for us. All we need to do is wait.
Second chance is enough but three or four is stupid. Getting back with the one who broke your heart is never a good idea. You're too young to settle and never settle for less. Even if you were hurt and broken a million times never ever close your heart, be open to a new love. The love that you deserve. Don't be afraid to love and get hurt. It's a part of love but be wise. Don't lose hope because God gives the best.
This article is dedicated to anyone who needs it. Thank you so much dear readers for reading my blog. Hope it helps your baby hearts. Belle vie! <3
M A N T R A 
I can do all things with the help of God who strengthens me.


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