JAMIE GRACE'S SONGS (deep feelings)

So as what I have said on my last post, I will share to you my top favorites about Jamie's songs. I am beyond grateful when Sis Arlene introduced "Come To Me" by Jamie Grace to us. I'm not familiar
of this song but when I finally listened to it I felt Jamie's soul. It's love-at-first-beat feeling. Her songs are all about Jesus and His love for us.
I searched more of her songs and this top five hit me like a bullet of love from my heart and down deep to my soul. Aww such deep words. Here are their song titles and my brief interpretation and profound about the song:
  • THE WAITING - in my own feels, the waiting is our life here on Earth. The life we are now experiencing, all the struggles, pain and heartaches and time will come that our Lord will give us an eternal life of love, happiness and joy. No more tears, hurts and worries. Let's hold unto Him and believe that He is the love that will never let go.
  • COME TO ME - as I am now currently listening to this song it says about the conversation between me (you) and Jesus. When you're weary, hurt, worried, hopeless or all of the above, come to Jesus. He's always there when we call His name. Even when we forget about Him at times, He never forsake us. That's the greatest love above all. The love of Jesus.
  • BEAUTIFUL DAY - the song's message is about the beauty of life that we're all blessed to have. The life that our Lord gave us. Waking up to a new day is the best gift we receive in every morning of our lives. Don't let a day go by without thanking God for all the blessings and life because it's a beautiful day.
  • GOD GIRL - "I'm a God girl that's who I'll be, from the top of my hand to the soles of my feet."  I am nobody's girl, I am God's girl. I got a strong feeling for this song because I have this great faith in God that he'll give me the best right man to love and care for me. Right Time. Right place. Right man. I am patiently waiting my God.
  • MY FIRST LOVE - "Everything about You is love. Everything about You is so true."  Jesus' always gonna be my first love. He is the one that truly loves us. His love is the greatest unconditional love we will ever feel in this world. I love God in a way that I'll surrender everything to Him. That's love.
I am truly inspired by these songs and I hope you guys too. I listened to these songs whenever I need comfort, aside from eating, ofc haha.
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and giving your time to God. So, what Jamie Grace's songs touches your heart and soul? Leave your thoughts on the comment box below and share to me your deep feelings. I'd love to read that. Godbless children of God!
photo credit |Jamie Grace's instagram
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