11873902_861779683910167_17695478_n 11873981_861779587243510_1352578093_n

11868769_861779703910165_2109066078_n 11872792_861779697243499_1466645877_n 11874131_861779627243506_1595557248_n 11872963_861779717243497_753077687_n 11880186_861779710576831_1335510193_n 11880827_861779713910164_572343060_n11846405_861779690576833_618969955_n
G A R I N   F A R M
I am currently typing this with a loud party music background. Lately, I've been feeling nostalgic because I want summer to take me back. It was last April when we had our family adventures and our first summer getaway is in Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo together with my family in father's side. That was an unplanned one day adventure. We stroll around the farm and took pictures, ofcourse. Then, we took that 456 stairs towards the Divine Mercy Cross. I feel blessed when I finally took my last step to the peek of the stairs. After that, we went boating around their man-made lagoon. The kid in me was unleashed at that very moment. There's no such dull moments when you"re with your family.
11854018_861780007243468_276982608_n         11880950_861779763910159_1303174892_n
H U R OM - H U R O M   C O L D   S P R I N G
Next getaway is in Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring, Nabas Aklan. The place is pretty awesome and natural because the water is directly coming from the mountain. It feels like dipping in an ice cold water. Relaxing. That time, we spent a one-day adventure with my family in mother's side. But our day didn't end there...
11844100_861779760576826_1627259565_n     11880942_861779663910169_2074520300_n
J A W I L I   F A L L S
After that stay in Hurom-Hurom, we decided to pass by a well-known falls in Aklan. We checked-out the place, ate some snacks, took some photos and had a mini hiking. Oh, I love nature. We didn't stayed too long because we need to go and find a resort to stay the night.
11855413_861779573910178_1552902320_n 11844117_861853253902810_483546093_n 11846088_861781907243278_1709686092_n 11845988_861780023910133_79444607_n
U N I D O S   B E A C H   R E S O R T
Here's a short not-so-funny but I find it funny scenario. We had a hard time searching for a nice resort to stay in. After a couple hours of searching we found this little beach resort in Culasi, Antique. Finally! It's a great day but exhausting, so we deserve a comfortable place to sleep. We checked-in at around 11:00 PM already. We occupied three fully air-conditioned rooms because we're 30 people, obviously we won't fit in just one small room. We're all ready to sleep when we noticed that the air-con won't work if  we switch on the lights. Unfortunately, the resort is having a power shortage. Our elders gave their complaints to the management. My Uncle told them that we will pay half the price because of their poor service. They agreed. The next day, we woke up early to have a quick dip in the beach. Guess what? My family is the resort's one and only customer for the day. WE OWN THE BEACH. The resort's management gave us a special treatment that day because of their poor service during our night stay there. They built us a tent along the beach so we could have a family picnic there. It was amazing though. I find it really awkward but yes, that was an a great one-day unplanned family adventure.
11880808_861779597243509_392058978_n (1) 11780640_862166733871462_93909930_n 11872876_861853247236144_1529597315_n 11868680_861779770576825_227675790_n      11874160_861780013910134_2102286025_n 11868778_861779633910172_1073277700_n 11850768_861779753910160_1718044917_n 11844241_861853250569477_368434537_n
11880750_861779650576837_985677510_n 11872715_861779657243503_111422381_n 11872886_861779630576839_369661526_n 11850930_861779653910170_1713251192_n 11846066_861779687243500_851510612_n 11846179_861779680576834_1270243572_n
I S L A    G I G A N T E S
Last stop. This is a family trip in my father's side. We stayed there over night. It is my first time to go there and I wanna go back now. It's a ll natural. The caves, beaches, islands and their food. That night we're the only group of customers who stayed there. AND YES WE OWNED THE ISLAND. Our first activity is island hopping in six main Islands. I forgot the Island names but it's amazing, Dearies. We had our first swim in a hidden lagoon called "Tangke" because there's a story that it was the bath tum of the Giants or Gigantes. Then, we ate our packed lunch in a mini island. After that, we went to another island and tried their specialty shells. It tastes like talaba. We took our last swimming in the next Island called "Antonia Beach". After a long adventurous day, we headed to our hotel and had crabs for dinner. That was a great experience for me before I finally settled here in Qatar. I'm a pro nostalgic. Take me back oh summer!
Thank you for reading my best summer story. What's your nostalgic summer, loves? Share yours in the comment box below. I'd love to read that. Belle vie! <3
Make the best out of today because you can't take it back.


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