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Style shows our personality in a way of dressing up. I signed up for LOOKBOOK.NU to showcase my style and everyday outfits. Also, to find new style inspirations. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I'm afraid to be rejected but I was truly amazed when the other cool bloggers hyped my looks and left comments saying that I have a great style. It made me seriously happy.

To my dear readers, I want to share to you my looks and give inspiration on how to style a simple wardrobes. You don't need branded clothes to look good and be stylish. Here are my looks:

Laid-back Black    

I'm wearing a black Polo Club snapback, plain black Ts with stripe accent from Forever 21, boxer shorts which I own for almost three years and a simple sandals that I got from a bazaar. It's a simple yet rad look. Basic outfits is not always paired with sneakers or booties, but you can also spice down with flats. I wore this when I went to grab some groceries. 

Stand Out White

When you can pull off the black, you can do it in white. Pocket white Ts and black Joni Jeans from Forever 21, Coach handbag, and gold platforms from Steve Madden. I always match the color of my bag to my shoes or at least the same shade. Wearing black and white is the safest thing that I can do.

Black on Black on Black

Nothing goes wrong with all black. Aeropostale Ts, black high-waste shorts I got from a bazaar, and hidden-heels sneakers from People Are People. You can wear black on black with confidence. I usually wear shorts with a pair of sneakers or any closed shoes because I'm comfortable that way. 

Minimal Stripes

Top from Splash. For those who wants to look tall and skinny, you should wear vertical stripes and not the horizontal one. Take note of that. 

Rad & Sporty

Over-sized jersey paired with screen leggings from Forever 21. This look is a bit of sporty and sophisticated at the same time .

Ripped Knee

I made that DIY ripped knee leggings to spice up my all black ensemble. If you wear all black or all white outfits, add up a colorful accessories, shoes or bag but make it minimal to be still. I wore over-sized black Ts so it would look like a mini dress.

Silver Linings

 I was wearing a body-con dress with silver linings and a pair of crystal accented heels.  

Think out of the box. Do your looks with your own personal style. Experiment and feel great about it.


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